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SPA Elements From the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Raw Materials

Rich with essential minerals, Dead Sea mud provides the skin and body with unique nourishing and cleansing benefits, expelling toxins and improving natural skin regeneration.
                Filled with natural remedial properties, Dead Sea salts are proven to aid in the relaxation of muscles and reinvigoration of the skin.  
Brimming with a high concentration of salts and minerals, Dead Sea brine has a variety of uses.  Dead Sea brine can be used as massage oil or to enhance cosmetic and beauty products. 
In the Jordan Rift Valley, at the lowest point on Earth, is the Dead Sea.   The curative powers of the Dead Sea and the high mineral content of the salt, mud, and brine provides relief for many conditions and has been used for generations to enhance the beauty and vitality of the skin.  Numeira Mixed Salts and Mud Company brings the essence of the Dead Sea to your doorstep.   

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